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RFP Management Solution

Full Circle, integrated RFP management solution to efficiently achieve the commercial outcome for all your sourcing requirements.

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ProofDeck is a One-stop tech driven platform to transform how organizations request proposals, respond to requests and connect. Our goal is to help organizations of all sizes expedite and simplify the otherwise cumbersome and inefficient process of creating and processing RFPs. Using best in class practices we help your business effectively and efficiently secure the optimal price for goods and services.


ProofDeck is a solution that benefits both the Buyer and the Seller.
The Buyer has a central point of access where they can create, issue and evaluate any type of RFx (RFQs, RFIs, EOIs etc). On the other side,
the seller can quickly answer to RFQs, EOIs and all other information request.
We realize each organization’s workflow for RFQ management is unique, so we’ve built in a great deal of customizability into the solution that allows us to take your existing workflow into consideration and make improvements to it as you make the switch to Proofdeck

Our complete RFP platform
gives you an edge

Request management

Develop and administrate

Simplify, standardize, leverage, track and improve each request you publish.

Workflow and collaboration

Assign tasks, set deadlines, collaborate and communicate in a single place.

Dashboards and reporting

Generate reports for more insight and follow the entire project in dashboards.

Evaluation and scoring

Collect, score and compare responses in one view to make better decisions.

Professional Templates

Best in class templates such as schedule of prices models, evaluations criteria, communication plan, recommendation to award, evaluation sheet, market information.

Response management

Knowledge management

Centralize all latest and greatest proposal content in one knowledge library.

Proposal automation

Use answer intelligence (AI) and other capabilities to do work automatically.

Workflow and collaboration

Schedule tasks, collaborate on responses and communicate in one location.

Dashboards and reporting

Dashboards and reporting
Visualize key proposal development metrics and track time spent on tasks.


RFP analysis

Provide comparison from previously submitted RPFs to effectively evaluate and submit current bid.

“Streamline and significantly reduce time spent on processing RFQ with ProofDeck”

Maximise organisational efficiency

ProofDeck is designed to highlight actionable data quickly, managers can create, collaborate, manage all RFPs on their own dashboards. They spend far less time on proposal evaluation and the tasks they need to act upon.

Manage RFP with ease

Sellers can respond and manage their RFP centrally & without hassle. With ProofDeck, they can easily intelligently create, review, analyse and submit their proposal all on one single platform.

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